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Pinball, Arcade, Jukebox, and Coin-op Repair

Welcome to the Warehouse Billiards Home Arcade Services page.  We were formally known as Atomic Amusements and served SW Virginia from 2002-2008.  Because we value the foundation that built our current business, we will resume ALL SERVICES on Pinball, Jukeboxes, Arcades and other coin-operated devices. We feel it is important to maintain the relationships we have built over the years with our customers and provide them with the service they deserve while maintaining an industry that we helped build.  Please give us the opportunity to earn your business and once again become SW Virginia's premier home gameroom supplier and service leader again.  Thank you to all who have supported us and to all future customers.

Pinball Repair Service

We service all types of pinball machines for all manufacturers.  Whether you have a mechanical or solid state pinball, we can fix it.  

Repair Service rate: $100/Hr plus mileage

Mechanical Pinball Restoration: $400

Electronic Pinball Restoration: $500

All pinball repairs are guarenteed for 30 days

Pinball Board Repair Service

We repair all types of Pinball PCBs for all pinball manufacturers.  80% or our board repairs are done in-house saving you time and money

$120/ Hr plus parts or

Repair Vendor plus shipping

All board repairs are guarenteed for 30 days after professional installation